Everywhere I’ve worked, I’ve achieved something that’s never been done before. From startups, to product launches, or building programs, departments, or teams from scratch, I’ve left an enduring mark.

And I’ve worked with and for a who’s who of brands. Verizon. The Melting Pot Restaurants. Pulte Homes. Time Warner Cable. The Florida Aquarium. Georgia-Pacific, just to name a few (for a full list, click here).

The nature of my roles and positions has required me to assimilate critical expertise in industries that range from construction and building product manufacturing to retail, restaurants, telecommunications, software & technology, business services, banking/finance, not-for-profits, consumer packaged goods, and many others.

And hats?

Let’s just say that my friends from my copywriting days say I’ve gone to the dark side, crossing from the creative side to marketing strategy development, and analytics, to sales management & enablement, operations and Lean Six Sigma of all things. A far cry from the early days when my peers simply called me “Word Boy”.

To learn more, click here for more insight into my driving philosophy. If you’d like to see companies I’ve worked with or for, as well as my skillsets, click here. Or to learn a little about my life outside work, click here.