I’ve finally taken the plunge and created my own little spot on the Worldwide Web. You know this because you’re here. But you may be asking yourself “why should I be reading stuff about some guy in Tampa?” I don’t blame you. I mean, TAMPA of all places! So we’re both perfectly justified to ask “Why am I here?”

Everyone has their hobbies. Gardening. Arts and crafts. Fitness. Model trains. Even whittling, for the love of God (no offense to those of you who whittle—I lack the patience and I’d likely slice my arm off). My hobby has always solving problems, figuring things out, and solving puzzles. It’s also the basis for my career.

So to answer the question about why we’re here, it’s simple. I think a lot, and I have a lot to say about it. My hope is that people like you will find a value in what I have to say. You may not agree with all of it, but that’s okay. That’s how conversations start, and that’s how the solutions to life’s puzzles become a little bit clearer. Or how we find even bigger topics to think about, discuss, and solve.

And yes, part of the reason I’m here is for a little shameless self-promotion: to tell you more about me than just what’s on my resume. To give additional detail about how my experience in marketing, sales operations, sales enablement, and strategy development have impacted some of the country’s biggest brands.

Ultimately, I’m here to create deeper, more substantive relationships with colleagues, friends, family, and anyone willing to listen—and respond.